XXL-Bridal Bouquet: The Bigger, The Better!

XXL-Bridal Bouquet: The Bigger, The Better!

At Bride & Groom Magazine we love flowers and actually we just find them an indispensable part of a bridal outfit. That is why the new trend for extra large Bridal Flowers bouquets is also great. Discover here how to give your look an XXL dose of flower power.


Imagine: the doors of the wedding room open and you step forward in your fantastic dream dress while you look more beautiful than ever. The only thing that can make this picture even more complete is a truly breathtaking bridal flowers bouquet. According to the latest trends, you opt for an XXL bouquet.


Flower splendor? Yes!

Why do you choose an XXL bridal flowers bouquet? Because such a beautiful floral beauty is just very beautiful! And also because there are not many other occasions where you can get so delicious with all the elements of your outfit. No, you do not have to worry that you disappear completely behind such a huge shrub. And a good florist has enough of a picture of your dress to create the perfect bridal flowers for you. And also in terms of weight you do not have to worry (although it can never hurt to do some extra push-ups), you do not have to walk around all day. The flowers are mainly in the spotlight during your entrance for the ceremony and during the photo session.


Double roll

Even if you do not have to keep the bouquet for the whole day, it is a shame to just put it away. Give your bridal flowers bouquet a second life by putting it in a vase and use it as a flower arrangement on your table during dinner or as an eye catcher on the candy bar or gift table.


Rather no concussion

It is a very nice and beloved tradition that the bride throws away her wedding bouquet to her (single) girlfriends. That is a shame with an XXL bouquet and, moreover, not really practical … Even after those extra push-ups it is best to get such a huge bouquet over your shoulder. Therefore, throw away a smaller version of your bouquet. This way you keep your beautiful bridal flowers bouquet for later and nobody will suffer a concussion.