The Wedding Dress with Wedding Flowers

The Wedding Dress with Wedding Flowers

It will be because it is one of the trends in wedding dresses … The point is that it is time for Wedding Flowers and, if we talk about weddings, in addition to the bouquet, we must emphasize that these are part of many dresses by the romantic air they give off, for their delicacy but, above all and in some cases, for their characteristic colors.

And, more and more, designers are encouraged to include color in their bridal collections, as they mark the trends in wedding dresses of 2018. And in addition to showing the color in the fabrics themselves, some people are encouraged to highlight them in drawings or shapes and what better to do with images of flowers, either mono color or taking advantage of the diversity of tones they offer.


Wedding dresses with traditional wedding flowers

It is true that seeing flowers in wedding dresses is not something new. In fact, there are traditional fabrics that base the charm of its plot precisely in this type of floral design that also includes leaves and branches.


They are very worked forms, especially in embroidery finishes that, superimposed on the skin, are very beautiful. For example, for a long sleeve of a wedding dress. But above all they are also used a lot in those vaporous fabrics that go over the skirts and whose floral lines enhance this part of the dress.


It also happens the other way around, that the flowers are the only part of the body and, in these cases, they can be seen in the form of embroidery, with rhinestones, using different threads, even with some pearls. Or it can also be that the body and the skirt are worked with drawings of flowers in a joint and linear way.


In these cases, we always talk about white or off-white wedding gowns and these fabrics, with these designs, are very traditional at weddings, but at the same time they are still trendy on the wedding bridal footbridges around the world. In fact, they do not go out of style because of the romanticism they give off. And another advantage is that they are applicable to any type of wedding dress: princess, mermaid, short, etc.