Sola Flower Arrangement for Table

Sola Flower Arrangement for Table

Arrangement of sola flowers for table gives a special touch to the environment, leaving everything more alive, beautiful and colorful. Whether it’s a sophisticated wedding or a simple field event, thinking about table decoration is essential, as they organize the environment and are integral parts of the whole space. Access the floral art course and learn all about table arrangements and much more about sola flowers.

Few things are as versatile for decoration as table settings: in addition to the types of flowers, sizes, shapes, containers and organization can vary, ensuring that you have at least one idea that fits into every situation of your everyday life. Enabling a visual and often olfactory experience that will leave the decor even more incredible.


Here are some tips that can help you set up a beautiful table setting.

How to choose the sola flower arrangements for tables?
It is necessary to keep in mind that the Sola Flower Mason Jar arrangements for tables, rather than decorative elements, are part of the decoration. So, depending on the style you chose for the event, as well as the location where it will be held, or the style of your home and the room in which the arrangement will be placed, there is a flower that fits better and is best suited for space.

Bet on combinations
In order to compose sola flower mason jar arrangements for tables it is necessary to balance so that they do not overload the environment. Combine the colors of the species according to the decoration and mix several types of flowers in the same vase. The result can be beautiful and harmonious.

For each event there is a type of flower
Depending on the event held, there is an ideal arrangement type. Flowers like Orchids, Tulips and Roses are ideal for a more sophisticated environment. The Hortencia and the Sunflower are ideal for events held during the day. Also observe the climatic condition of the space so that the plants do not suffer with high or very low temperatures.

Choose beautiful supports
The composition of sola flower mason jar arrangements for tables also needs a support base. The options are varied: they can be glass vessels, handmade or sustainable, like wooden boxes, bottles or cans. Do not forget to increment this base with other items. This may be the time to innovate and be creative, here are some tips from different support bases for flower arrangements:

1 – Glasses can be arrangement of flowers for table
Decorating the house with flowers does not require much work or money, just a little creativity. Using differently shaped cups and jars to accommodate plants is a modern and relaxed alternative. Your only concern when using this material is to verify that the size of the container can accommodate the species you want to put in your vessel.

2 – Small table flower arrangements
Less is more. In relation to the decoration of environments, this maxim makes perfect sense. Small details, when using small bottles or perfume bottles to arrange sola flower mason jar bouquets around the house.

3 – Flower arrangements for table in teapot or kettle
With that old teapot or that old kettle that can no longer be used in the kitchen through a simple painting, they can become excellent flower pots.

4 – Flower arrangements for table with different base
Instead of earth, you can use sand and shells to make a sophisticated and very cheerful arrangement for your home.

5 – Arrangement with recycled material
Reapprove is good for your pocket and for the environment. Cans of chocolate, olive oil and tomato extract and even milk boxes become great pots of plants to decorate the room, the kitchen and other environments.

6 – Arrangement with fruits
Whole fruits or cut slices help in fixing the flowers inside the container and give a tropical style to the combination. This is an excellent alternative to compose the ornamentation of events on hot days.

7 – Arrangement with colored water
Coloring the water is a practical suggestion for those who do not have time to paint the pots. To prevent the flowers from absorbing the color, place them in the container a few minutes before the event that will be used in the decoration.

Natural or artificial?
If you want to create natural flower arrangements for tables, but do not want to spend too much, opt for the season’s flowers, which are usually inexpensive and have a good decoration result. Another point worth mentioning when the plants are natural is the perfume they exude, which cannot be so strong as to not trigger any kind of allergy to the most sensitive or directly interfere with the palate of the most demanding.

Artificial flowers require less worry and care, but they have the disadvantage of not having the vivacity of a natural plant. But, many arrangements, when well assembled, look beautiful as well.

Count on a professional
Florists and professionals specializing in interior design are the best people to ask for help while creating flower arrangements for tables. If you want a differentiated environment with flowers ideal for your needs, the help of a professional makes all the difference.

Undoubtedly, the arrangement of flowers for tables is the most charming, delicate and elegant for the decoration of the table set. The flowers, which can have the most different colors, integrate the environment, passing the feeling of host and concern of the host with every detail.

Sola Flower Mason Jar! They are not just palm hearts!
A curious detail that caught my attention is that in most of the images of Sola flower mason jar that we see in Google or in Pinterest, the word Balls appears in the glasses, because in the US they are also called Ball Jars or Ball Sola flower mason jar, because of their most famous manufacturer, the Ball Corporation!

Curious, is not it? And the cool thing is that the Sola flower mason jar can be found in several models: with or without handle, with or without cover, in different sizes, formats and colors!!! It’s super trendy, the restaurants and fast food cools have already replaced the glasses by personalized Sola flower mason jars and those who enjoy making a DIY – Do It Yourself – loves to invent a new utility for them, which can be used in the decor too, such as candle holders, flower pots, lamps, party favors and more!