Skirts as Protagonists of the Wedding Dress

Skirts as Protagonists of the Wedding Dress

By one of those unwritten rules that prevail immemorial times, the bridal dresses are carried out by the skirt and this one can adopt infinity of forms, styles, colors, measures, etc., always according to the time in which it touched to marry. It is true that as the times and trends in bridal fashion evolve, now brides can dispense with the skirt and opt, for example, for the pants, a minority option in any case. Every girl look very elegant with her wedding dress and Bridal Flowers .


The focus of attention is on the skirt

But if we focus on the types of skirt, everything will depend on the dress chosen and the skirt can be considered an individual garment when separated from the dress or forming a single piece. Even, according to the skirt, the type of dress takes a name or another, as is the case with the mermaid dress or the princess dress, to give two examples.


The truth is that today we find wedding dresses with long skirts, short or a combination of both (short front and long back) and bridal flowers. With more or less flight, flared, adjusted to the legs, with ruffles, pleats, with overskirt, puffed, etc. In all this, the skirt fabric is also very influential. Without forgetting the options in terms of colorful dresses and prints, such as floral, being the skirt where it becomes more visible.


In any case, let’s focus on the option of the over skirt, since it is a total trend for bridal brides of 2018. In addition, it represents a way to give prominence to the skirt as a garment in itself and, in some cases, offers the possibility of having two looks in one only if the bride can get rid of it, usually in the second part of the wedding.


Overskirt: versatility and originality

These are wedding dresses that incorporate another layer or skirt that rises up to the waist at the skirt of the dress. This is usually open, gives volume to the dress and, as the name suggests, is a skirt that is fastened over the dress itself. The overskirt notches the waist and gives volume from the hips providing sophistication to the set. It is fastened with elegant bows, hidden buttons or with jewel belts, of great tendency.

Did you want two dresses for this special day? For example, if you do not decide between mermaid cut or princess cut, with the overskirt you can have both options. Or you may want to go very girlfriend for the ceremony, but more modern and comfortable once finished.

The over skirt gives versatility and originality to your wedding dress. For example, if you want to go more daring to the party, with pants or tight, but prefer more discretion and traditionalism for the ceremony, the overskirt allows you that game hide, disguise or soften how bold you will be once celebrated with your already husband, friends and family, this special day. It’s like having a removable dress, which is surprising the guests as the day progresses.