Shining Stars

Shining Stars

We have a new collection again: SHINE. These are four of the stars that put the last weeks of the year in a festive glow.

Freesia ‘Mercury’ (1)

Freesias bloom so beautifully, on a comb. This is the Mercury, named after the smallest planet in our solar system that is also closest to the sun. Or to the winged Roman messenger of the gods. In flower language, a Freesia stands for unconditional love. That has undoubtedly something to do with the smell. In the end it all starts with that: freesiageur and man’s face.

Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’ (2)

Ammi visnaga is toothbrush herb. The classic example of a screen flower. The flowers together form a screen, a kind of umbrella. The large screen consists of all small parasols of white flowers on stalks. And with the stems of this specimen you can burn your teeth. Do you have to let them dry first?

Clematis integrifolia ‘Star River’ (3)

Made in Holland, this lilac beauty. And also, the anniversary: ​​The Clematis ‘Star River’ was introduced exactly five years ago in the so-called ‘Amazing Series’ of Marginpar. We love the crepe-like flowers. And also, on their gymnastic stems, which easily make the weirdest twists to find a new point of application. They are also called ‘Bos rank’, because in nature they like to climb up the trunk in the shade of a tree – up to the highest peak.

Agapanthus ‘Bianca’ (4)

One of our favorites from South Africa: The Agapanthus. A contraction of agape (love), and Anthos (flower). The love flowers! The ancient Greeks, for that matter, had more words for love. After all, you have love and love. The Greeks knew what they were talking about. Love guru Alain de Botton learned a lot from them. See here how he thinks about it and what is beautiful about agape.

  •        Freesia ‘Mercury’
  •        Ammi visnaga ‘Casablanca’
  •        Clematis integrifolia ‘Star River’
  •        Agapanthus ‘Bianca’