The head has gone off, 2018 has begun. These are the trendsetters of January. You can find them in our new collection: FLOW. The idea behind that collection? A very happy and rosy year of course!

Pandanus amaryllifolius (1)

If you like Asian cuisine and cook Thai or Indonesian yourself, you might recognize this magazine. It is pandan leaf. This seasoning is boiled in curry or wrapped around fish or chicken for grilling. And have you ever eaten such a bright green slice of pandancake? Or green spekkoek? The blade comes from the screw palm. This name has to do with the position of the leaves: they are in a spiral. In the wild the Pandanus amaryllifolius hardly occurs, but the palm is grown a lot in the kitchen.

Rosa ‘Tycoon’ (2)

We wish you a rosy year with the Rosa ‘Tycoon’ . Roses are still the most popular flowers in the world. And the Netherlands is still the largest rose exporter. Yet the British and French have also been afflicted with the rose virus for centuries. Josephine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon, was an avid collector of roses: in the 18th century she created the first real European rose garden at their castle Malmaison, which contained all sorts from that time. She earned the honorary title “rose empress” with it.

Dianthus ‘Bangkok’ (3)

Back to Asia, with the Dianthus ‘Bangkok’. Dianthus means divine flower, and that is absolutely it. A trip to Bangkok is also not a bad idea at this time of the year. Carnations are full of symbolism. Each color has a different meaning: red stands for love and desire, white for resistance. Pink carnations are said to have originated when the tears of Mary touched the earth. And that is why they stand for mother love.

Astrantia major ‘Star of Billion’ (4)

This non-native plant has been given a very Dutch name: Zeeuws knoopje. Named after a jewel from the Zeeland costume that indeed resembles these flowers. In the 18th century men wore them as buttons on their shirt or collar. Then the women took them over, as decoration of their capers. Another name for Astrantia is star spice. That is probably from astron, Greek for star. And this ‘Star of Biljon’ clearly goes for a star shower. Do not forget to make a wish!

  •        Pandanus amaryllifolius
  •        Rosa ‘Tycoon’
  •        Dianthus ‘Bangkok’
  •        Astrantia major ‘Star of Billion’