Ilex verticillata ‘Red Sprite’ (Winterberry) (1)

It is not only almost Christmas, it is officially winter today! We celebrate that with a winter berry. Ilex verticillata in Latin. You have males and females from winter berries. They both bloom in the spring. That is the moment when the pollen of one has to find a stamper of the other. If that succeeds, in the winter there will be those beautiful red berries. With the female then. The male must go through the winter as a bare branch. Nature is ruthless.

Bouvardia ‘Royal Ruby Red’ (2)

This flower had been forgotten a bit, until a Dutch grower suddenly came up with a dwarf bouvardia in the 90s – as a houseplant. They are available in pink, white and red. This ‘Royal Ruby Red’ from the SHINE collection gives the festive season some extra shine. Bouvardias are named after Charles Bouvard, the French orphan boy who in the 17th century kicked Louis XIII’s personal physician and used the flower for his healing brews. By the way, they are thirsty types, so keep an eye on the water.

Matthiola incana ‘Phantom White’ (3)

This flower, in combination with the Eucalyptus, ensures that your house smells delicious during Christmas. We love the sweet smell. Matthiola’s are named after an eccentric Italian doctor and botanist from the 16th century: Pietro Andrea Mattioli. The flowers originate from the Mediterranean area, but also do well in your garden. Only wait a while until the winter is over.

Eucalyptus cinerea (4)

You smell it immediately when Eucalyptus is in it. The scent of Christmas. Did you know that smell is our most sensitive sense? Man can distinguish 10,000 fragrances. And then our sense of smell also has a direct connection with our emotional brain. Smell can evoke feelings and memories. We are very curious what the Eucalyptus evokes in you. If it is a creative mood, we have another golden tip: use it in a Christmas wreath!