Fresh From The Grower

Fresh From The Grower

Alstresia ‘Scorpion’ (1)

Alstresia is a new variant of the Alstroemeria. And even if you would not say it by his name: this ina lily is a symbol of long-term friendship. And that’s what he makes. Long after the others have already left, he likes to keep you for an extra week.

Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ (2)

This is a blue fern. He grows in the tropical forests of South America. The wide wavy leaves are intense blue and we do find something magical like that. Also, nice; this leaf in your forest will most likely stay with you for a month. Perfect for a mini-vase.

Lisianthus ‘Alissa Blue’ (3)

You can also call a Lisianthus Eustoma, both names are good. The ‘Alissa Blue’ has twice as many leaves as normal. They are also called Japanese roses. Without spines, so nice and soft!

Clematis ‘Star River’ (4)

You can often see a flowy clematis growing against walls than standing in a vase on the table.

These climbers originate from China and Japan. Just crepe paper, those playful lavender leaves.

  •        Alstresia ‘Scorpion’
  •        Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’
  •        Lisianthus ‘Alissa Blue’
  •        Clematis ‘Star River’