Ecological Flowers

Ecological Flowers

Giving a flower means thinking of someone, it is affection for another person, that is, thanks, it is apologizing, in a few words: it is simply being present.

If we really knew the efforts that exist to obtain a beautiful flower and in conditions, all the stories that it brings with itself, we would give even more value to each branch that we have in our hands.

So today I have been researching on the eco flower bouquet floriculture and the boom that it has in Spain and in Europe. In 1993 the Environmental Program for Flowers and Plants was created in Holland, which proves that the flowers and plants of the companies that obtain it are produced under environmental and social respectful conditions. This program sets the action criteria based on 5 environmental issues: phytosanitary products, fertilizers, energy, water and waste. When a producer obtains this certificate, it means that his product is of excellent quality and cultivated in justified ecological and social conditions.

What is an organic flower?

An eco flower bouquet is one in which in the greenhouses they control the pests with natural predators, insects, fungi … There is a balance between the species so as not to have to use fertilizers or pesticides.

The irrigation system that is used is by drip and the system of water circulation is by drainage, in this way what the roots do not absorb is reused. This also reduces the amount of fertilizer used.

As for the social aspect, there is no human exploitation or slavery. We work in honest and respectful working conditions.

The most cultivated flowers with the ecological method are roses and orchids . Also edible flowers such as calendula and nasturtium.