Do it Yourself With Flowers: Centerpiece with Flowers

Do it Yourself With Flowers: Centerpiece with Flowers

Today we want to explain how to make a sola flower mason jar, a fast and easy to create decoration.

What do you need?


If you want your house to be full of color this spring and the aroma of fresh sola flower mason jar, this beautiful centerpiece is the perfect way to get it. To make it beautiful, we suggest you use the following materials:

Jars or glass bottles, the size and measure you prefer. The only thing that matters is that they are clean!


Spray paint of different colors

Secateurs (or large scissors, if you do not have one)

We leave to your choice the flowers that will decorate these jars and bottles, you decide what types you prefer and what combination of colors you want to create. So choose the sola flower mason jar you want! Of course, we recommend that you use seasonal flowers to get the freshest result and a wide variety of colors to bring your centerpiece to life.

You’re ready to start!



Step 1 – Prepare the jars and bottles


Start the possible remains of paper or glue from jars and bottles. To achieve this, wash them with hot water and use a scouring pad if necessary. Then, make sure they are completely dry before jumping to the next step.


Step 2 – Paint the jars and bottles


The most important thing of all is that you cover your mouth and nose before starting to paint, and that you place newspaper in the work area so as not to fill it all with paint. If you have a garden or patio, much better.

To make the centerpiece as good as possible, try to paint the jars also inside, as much as you can. In this way, if the exterior paint starts to fall, it will not be noticeable.


Step 3 – Let the jars dry

Dry off

For the result to be fantastic, it is important to let the jars dry properly. As in previous steps, it is best to do it outdoors, if possible. That way, the paint will not drip in unwanted places.

It is essential to comply with this step, because if the paint is not dry when placing the flowers, they can lose their freshness more quickly or even stain.


Step 4 – Create the flower arrangements

Put flowers

As you mentioned above, you can use the flowers you prefer , whether they are your favorites, those that have the tonality that you like most or those that are in season. Begin to make the different floral arrangements , and do not forget to adjust to the size of each of the jars and bottles chosen.

The more flowers and different colors you add, the better , since that way your centerpiece will look impressive. Remember to add a little foliage to each of the small bouquets to give the final touch.

It may also be useful to surround the stems of the flowers with a ribbon so that the bouquets are more compact and do not dismantle when placed in the jars.


Step 5 – Create the arrangement and take care of the flowers

Put everything together

The time has come to start placing the small bouquets that you have created in the bottles and jars. Again we remind you to make sure that the paint is completely dry. Also be careful when placing the flowers in the containers, so that the branches do not dismantle.

Now your centerpiece is complete, but you must take care of the flowers so they stay fresh as long as possible! This is not essential if you want to use the centerpiece only for a specific occasion, but very important if your wish is to serve as a decoration at home.

The best idea is to put them in a place where they receive sunlight, although not directly. And, of course, put some water in the jars, just as you would with any bouquet. When the flowers begin to wither, you can replace them with fresh ones, so your centerpiece will last longer.