Decorate Your House With The Sola Wood Flower:

Decorate Your House With The Sola Wood Flower:

The Sola Wood Flower is one of the most recognizable symbols of this time of year

With it we introduce a natural element that, due to its beauty and presence, becomes the perfect companion so that the Christmas atmosphere breathes in our house.

Perfect for centerpieces, Christmas wreaths or decorative corners:  the sola wood flower will adapt perfectly to any space as we have a versatile and elegant plant that we can combine in a thousand ways.


If you are thinking about how to use the sola wood flower in the decoration of your home, it is important to consider two vital aspects in the care of the sola flower: the best place to place it will be the least exposed to drafts or direct cold and, in addition, it must have a lot of clarity since it demands a lot of light to maintain the red coloration of its leaves.

Do not worry too much about the props of the composition. This unique plant is so striking that by itself it can recharge small spaces or combine with almost any material that we put. So, let’s see different stylish proposals that will fill us with inspiration to play with her at home.

Because of the personality of this plant, the sola wood flower can be used to decorate the simplest of all: placing it in a pot and accompanying it with other arrangements arranged in a center. A way to play with its natural beauty in a simple way that does not make it less attractive.

If we choose only to use the sola wood flower without further ornamentation, we can also give more presence playing with the pots. And with this we not only refer to choosing flower pot coverings in sola wood flower tones, but also to decorate the shreds ourselves as in this image. For this we can use fabrics, wool, tree accessories or painted templates to create containers that breathe Christmas in a striking way. A craft in which we can involve the children of the house and enjoy a family day.

One of the most common applications of the sola wood flower is to use it to create original centerpieces. Whether we opt for rectangular compositions with boxes or as if we opt for round centers, it will be perfect as an accessory for any dining table. In addition to placing one or several plants inside, we must introduce a bed of pearlite to help the drainage, and fill the center with branches of arizonic, eucalyptus or any other green arrangement to give it a natural look. Another option is the use of Christmas balls, tinsel, chains of light or other accessories of the tree if we look for a purely sola wood flower decoration.

The big lovers of the sola wood flower can choose to create a unique Christmas fir with them. For this purpose, a structure that allows us to place the pots in different levels will be necessary to create the conical shape of the typical Christmas trees. Dare to try and you will be dazzled by the result, it’s very simple!

For those who live Christmas in rustic key we have a quite original idea to contribute. It will be enough to place the plant in wooden boxes or in metal containers that we can decorate or cover with linen, jute, burlap or wool in green and red tones. Simple and provocative!

In this same line of simplicity, another perfect application is to place sola wood flower in cloth bags on the wall. A functional way to decorate a corner or take advantage of a wall with good light and not overloading the environment.

If we have children at home, the sola wood flower can also be present in children’s decoration. There is more to see this unique Advent calendar in which the days and their small gifts are arranged in packages that seem to drop from the plant itself. An original way to involve the little ones in the Christmas countdown without giving up the decoration that the elders seek.

Simple ideas and results to decorate your house at this time of year with the sola wood flower. Dare to do some of them and teach us!