Boutonniere for Boyfriends According to Their Personality

Boutonniere for Boyfriends According to Their Personality

The  boutonniere  are an accessory that help enhance the look of the groom, also serves as a distinctive. The model and style will depend on the personality of the person who wears it, but it will have to match the bride’s bouquet , as well as the costume she will wear on that special day. To know more about this particular accessory we have prepared the following note. How to combine the flower of the suit of the groom? You will be interested to know.

What are the boutonniere?

Let’s say it is a miniature floral arrangement that is worn in the buttonhole of the left lapel of the blazer or jacket  and whose main purpose is to decorate the figure of the groom. It was used with the intention of identifying it from the rest of the guests, but nowadays it is also usually worn by the godfather and closest friends.

The traditional

The   classic boutonniere usually consists of a light colored flower, mainly white or beige, accompanied by a stem or green leaf. Usually contrasts with the suit of the groom, which is usually dark, (if you have questions about how to choose the wedding suit, we tell you in 5 steps ),  but must harmonize with your tie or bowtie, as well as the bouquet that will carry the bride and the rest of the floral decoration of the event. You can get advice from professionals such as FlowersCol, experts in floral arrangements of all kinds.

For the most daring

There are few brides who want to print their personality quota in certain elements of their   bridal outfit . To achieve this, they choose to change the white tone of the classic boutonniere by tones of more colorful flowers, such as those offered in  Doce Marías, the same ones that can count on some more elaborate elements, such as ribbons, fabrics, buttons, among others. Do not miss how to choose the perfect groom look: suit, accessories and stylish details.


This ancient oriental technique can also be used to decorate the buttonhole of the suit of the groom in his most important day, as evidenced by the experts of  Events in Paper, with very varied designs, the same ones that can imitate various geometric shapes, as well as flowers in different tonalities that at a distance will not seem artificial and bring that informal and very creative touch.

The peculiar and with own style

There are those who seek to get out of the script altogether and  add or replace the traditional flower with some unusual element that refers them to some stage or personal hobby..

Among these alternatives we can point out those who choose a character from a series or comic, those who do the same with an element that refers them to their favorite sport or something that is associated with the wedding , as is the case of a starfish , fishing hooks or naval-style badges, if the wedding is on the beach.

It is often said that imagination has no limits and in the case of this accessory you can corroborate this affirmation. Remember that whatever design you choose, it must convey your personality and combine with the general theme of your celebration.  You will be interested in how to choose the perfect groom suit according to the time of day in which the wedding is.