Decorating Sola Flowers is extremely important for different areas of life, since the decoration consists of making different special arrangements and adding different objects, which give an aesthetic sense to the place where we are working.

The difference between the conditioning of a place and the decoration of a place is that, in the conditioning, we put all the necessary tools and objects that we need to be able to work properly, while the decoration has a merely aesthetic sense.

The use of sola flowers bouquets to decorate

Decorations can be permanent, such as those that are made to the structures of a building, office or home or can be temporary, where objects that are more easily removable are placed, such as paint, vases, etc.

In many events different decorations are needed to make it totally eye-catching and pleasing to the eye of the guests. Although there are many elements with which you can decorate, there is one that will always be used, no matter how many years they spend: nature.

Nature is probably the best element of decoration, since it adds beauty, color and life. There are many plants that can be used to decorate, but flowers, in short, are the owners of the world of decoration. This is because the flowers have incredibly beautiful colors, in addition to adding sweetness and life to the place.

Therefore, in most of the events we attend, whether large or small, you will always notice that there is at least one bouquet of flowers.

But, what is a bouquet of flowers?

A sola flowers bouquet is a set of one or different species of flowers with other plants, which are joined by a wrap or tie, in order to displace it properly. Bouquets of flowers can vary in size, shape and even in decorations, but they are very versatile and can be used in any situation.

Due to the effectiveness of using sola flowers bouquets in events, there are many types of bouquets, which can be classified as follows:


These are the most used sola flowers bouquets since they are the simplest to make and they are also incredibly beautiful and elegant.

These branches have as their main characteristic that they are totally symmetrical and their shape is generally round. These sola flowers bouquets are usually used for weddings, especially for brides who wear them on the altar.

Bouquet have a medium size, that is, neither very large nor very small and also in general they have the same style of flowers, so that symmetry can be appreciated much more.

In terms of tonality, the color of sola flowers bouquets is uniform, that is, for this symmetry to exist, we always try to make the colors of the flowers the same. The tones are usually very soft, such as white, cakes, creams, etc. … although there are bouquets that can have very strong colors, such as red, yellow, etc.

Bouquet are usually made with roses, although you can use any type of flower that is consistent.

Waterfall bouquet

The waterfall branches have a spectacular shape, as they give the feeling that the flowers are falling.

This type of bouquets is used only by brides, although some decorators use them for wedding events, but nevertheless, the waterfall bouquets look very beautiful when the brides use them, since they give the sensation of softness, elegance and also divert all the attention towards her and this is because they are quite large and showy.

Cascading bouquets usually use flowers such as white orchids, lilies and are complemented by eucalyptus leaves, although they can be supplemented with other plants. The waterfall branches are shaped like an inverted drop and the flowers fall like water from a waterfall.

Generally, these branches start with a thick end and then become thinner until at the end there is a thread of flowers.

Berry Fest Bouquet

This type of bouquets is very colorful and animated. They have a shape similar to bouquet, although they are not as round and symmetrical and use a wider variety of flowers. Berry Fest bouquets have varied colors, so in the same bouquet you can find colors such as pink, blue and yellow.

This mixture of colors makes the bouquet very vivid and adds flavor to the event in which it is being used.

The size of this type of bouquets is the same as the bouquet, since it is neither very large nor very small, but the size of its flowers can be several, since it can be used some margaritas (that with quite large), mixed with roses (which are somewhat smaller)

If you have a children’s event, this type of bouquets is ideal, since you are going to add the exact tonality you want for your party

Rosmelia bouquet

This type of bouquets is one of the most recent to be created, since it does not consist of a mixture of different flowers, but many flowers are grouped to create a giant flower. Rosmelia bouquets are quite particular; it is in theory, 1 single flower.

To make this type of sola flowers bouquet you need equal flowers of the same color or petals of that flower, which should then be superimposed on one another as open as possible, to create the feeling that in the end it is a huge flower.

The rosmelia bouquets are decorated with any type of plant that of the feeling that they are leaves or is part of this giant flower. Also, many decorators use glass or plastic bases to hold the bouquet, instead of plants.

The color of this bouquet can be any, since the important thing is to use flowers of the same color.

Weddings are the quintessential events where you can see bouquets of flowers. The bouquet of the bride, for example, is one of the most important to be made, since they are part of the attire of this. For this type of bouquets, any type of flowers can be used, but these are the most common:


The pink flowers are extremely beautiful and are intended for weddings that are usually done in open areas or are connected to nature, such as fields, farms, etc. Among these flowers you can find the anemones, which are flowers with purple centers and circular shape, the carnations, which have the shape of folds and are of a lighter shade than the anemones and clematis that are much smaller and function as complementary flowers in the bouquet

Pale pink

This type of flowers is a little bit lighter and can even be mixed with white. Among these can be found, the amaryllis, which are flowers with pointed petals and white center that end in pink, roses in this hue, pitman flowers that are similar to roses, but have a pink center and white cover.

Other flowers of this color are the peonies, which look like pale pink cabbages, and the French ones in this shade.


The white flowers are some of the most used, since they represent purity, elegance and are synonymous with neatness. The white flowers are very varied, but more commonly used for weddings we can find: The aster flowers, which are similar to daisies, but are much smaller and have a large number of petals. There are also Bouvardias flowers, which are small and have few and marked petals, in addition to which their center is totally white.

The coves are another type of white flowers that have a spiral shape and also have a purple center, not to mention that they are quite large. The stephanotis is very similar to the bouvardias, with the difference that the form is more concave. Tulips are cocoon-shaped flowers, and have a creamy color.

The paniculatas are very small flowers that look like white powder and they are generally used as complements in the bouquets. Lilacs are small flowers with 4 very marked petals, which grow grouped and give the sensation of being one.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the lilies, which are flowers with little differentiated petals, but which are quite large and with irregular tips.


The purple flowers are a little more daring and are usually mixed with other types of flowers in the sola flowers bouquets, since the bouquets that are only of this color can give a rather opaque appearance. In general, they are mixed with white flowers.

Among the purple flowers for more outstanding branches we can find the hydrangeas, which have a purple center with a white border , the Jacintos, which look like small bells and have a strong lilac color, The veronicas, which have an elongated green center and their petals are small. Purple clusters, the Freesia, which are similar to tulips, but are purple and wax flowers, which are used in most cases as complements of the bouquets and are quite small.