5 Tips to Select the Best Flowers for Wedding

5 Tips to Select the Best Flowers for Wedding

Are you going to get married and still have not decided on the decorating wedding flowers? For many brides, this task can be somewhat complicated due to the quantity and variety of Wedding Flowers available. When choosing wedding flowers for marriage, you need to take into account not only the style of ceremony, time and place, but also the season of the year.

Outdoor and daytime weddings, for example, require lighter and more romantic decorations, as more formal ceremonies call for something more sophisticated and classic.

You probably already have a favorite flower or liked the decor of a friend’s wedding, and even searched for photos on the best websites and social networks. But if you are still in doubt, follow our post and find some tips to get it right:

  1. A type of flower for each season

In all seasons, you can use petunia, dahlia, rose and typophiles. Keep in mind that some flowers only bloom at certain times of the year, while others are grown year-round and are much more affordable in price – which can lead to good discounts with the vendor.

Summer offers parties in open areas and allows for more vivid and varied colors. The best choices are the wedding flowers of the field, daisies, roses, carnation and lily.

In the fall, angelica and gardenia are great options. From March to June is the time of beautiful orchids. Already in the winter, you will find tulip, azalea, lotus flower and cherry tree – but you can still find the orchids at this time.

In spring, the season of flowers, carnation and rose, as well as gerbera, have been the preference of many brides. But the pansy, the begonia, the gardenia, the lilac and the gerbera are also on the rise.

  1. The choice of the bouquet

The bouquet does not necessarily have to match the decoration, but it is like a jewel to be highlighted in the production of the bride. Therefore, the arrangement should match your personality and your dress.

If you choose the same flowers as the decoration on the bouquet, do not be afraid to be clich├ęd! You will have a very harmonic result.

  1. The meaning of wedding flowers

Every flower symbolizes a feeling, so take the opportunity to choose the flowers of the bouquet according to the meaning they carry:

  • Gerbera and glass of milk: refer to sensitivity and purity.
  • Orchid: inspires beauty and perfection.
  • Roses: suggest love and romanticism.
  • Harpsichord: refers to loyalty.
  • Tulipa: represents prosperity and independence.
  • Hera: symbolizes fidelity.

4.Types of tones, colors and perfume

Narcissus, jasmine and lavender are very fragrant wedding flowers and therefore ideal for outdoor ceremonies. A good tip is to mix them with other flowers so they do not leave the guests seasick with the smell.

Weddings on the beach and countryside are more laid back and you can dare more on the photos and dress. The wedding flowers can be small and in more colorful tones but remember that the sun and wind can affect some flowers – so choose the smaller ones.

Lighter shades are perfect for more formal and enclosed venues. Roses are welcome in all shades: if you want more romanticism, use white roses, pink or pastel; If you want to dare, use the color red. Another classic option is angelica: use it in church with satin ribbons and create a more sophisticated look!

  1. Find a good supplier

Having a good flower shop is also essential when choosing the flowers. After all, you will not want to be on the right hand the day of the ceremony, will you?

Do research, get directions to acquaintances and get acquainted with the work of florists before closing the contract. Wedding flowers are a very important part of the decor and cannot be left out!